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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses provide maximum visual comfort in everyday life, at work, at leisure and in sports. We specialize in the fitting of contact lenses and have their own optics department.
Contact lenses are enjoying increasing popularity. No skiddingslipping or irritating spectacle frames, no glass, that gets fogged up.

To really utilise the convenience of these discreet visual aids, it is important to choose the right contact lenses, optimise their fitting and have regular eye checkups. The right contact lenses are those that correspond to the specific eze conditions (corneal geometry, tear film, tear production, etc.).

We recommend contact lenses be fitted using a close cooperation between the ophthalmologist and optometrist or optician. The optometrist or optician is a specialist for the selection of lenses based on optical preconditions. The ophthalmologist assesses the entire eye, particularly with respect to the lens compatibility. Incorrectly or poorly fitted contact lenses are the most common cause of later complications.

In our clinic the selection and fitting of lenses is done using direct colaboration between Dr. Zarth and our optical department. This approach generally works well, but it is particularly advantageous in the fitting of special lenses, such as in the treatment of corneal diseases and for modern high-tech lenses such as multifocal lenses (progressive lenses).

Here you can read more about some important topics:

Contact lens types

Fitting of contact lenses

Putting on and removing lenses contact

Contact lens care

Replacement or exchange lens systems

Process of getting contact  lenses

Checkups when wearing contact lenses

In unserer Praxis erfolgen Auswahl und Anpassung der Linsen in direkter Abstimmung zwischen Herrn Dr. Zarth und unserer optischen Abteilung. Dies Vorgehen hat sich generell bewährt, ist aber besonders bei der Anpassung von Spezial-Linsen, etwa zur Therapie von Hornhauterkrankungen und bei modernen Hightech-Linsen wie Multifokal-Linsen (Gleitsicht-Linsen) von Vorteil.

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Video Wahl und Anpassung von Kontaktlinsen

Video Wahl und Anpassung von Kontaktlinsen

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