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Adjustment and Customization

What kind of visual comfort optimization can be achieved using contact lenses? Will the lenses be worn mainly at work, for leisure or only during weekends and holidays? Will they replace or complement one’s spectacles?

Before any adjustment, we first analyze the requirements the wearer expects of their lenses. In the second step, we determine all the parameters that are necessary for the selection of appropriate lenses. These parameters include the current visual acuity, the corneal curvature, corneal geometry, the tear film, its composition as well as the pupillary light reflex.

While Dr. Zarth examines the eyes comprehensively and in their entirety, some of these examinations will be carried out in the optics department of our clinic. These allow the discovery of pathological changes in the eye or tear film disorders which may in turn influence the choice of lenses or even preclude the wearing of lenses.

The selection of lenses follows in close coordination between Dr. Zarth and our optics department. The preparation of the appropriate lenses begins on the same day. After extensive training in the use (applying and removal of lenses, lens care and lens storage), the patient wears the lenses for a test period of 10 to 14 days. Thereafter we check the lens fitting, level of comfort and visual acuity. If everything is OK, the next consultation is not required until the following regular follow-up appointment. If the lenses do not fit (which rarely happens), we will go through the selection and customization process again.

Video Anpassung von Kontaktlinsen

Video Anpassung von Kontaktlinsen

In Abstimmung zwischen unserer optischen Abteilung und Dr. Zarth erfolgt dann die Auswahl der Linsen. Am gleichen Tag veranlassen wird die Herstellung entsprechender Linsen. Nach ausführlicher Einweisung in die Handhabung (Auf- und Absetzen, Pflege, Aufbewahrung) werden diese 10 bis 14 Tage zur Probe getragen. Danach überprüfen wir den Sitz der Linse, die Verträglichkeit und die Sehfähigkeit. Ist alles in Ordnung, ist eine Konsultation erst zum nächsten Kontrolltermin erforderlich. Passen die ersten Linsen nicht (was selten vorkommt), nehmen wir eine erneute Auswahl und Anpassung vor.

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