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Lens Exchange Alternatives

In general, the useful life of custom-made contact lenses is normally a year.

Soft contact lenses are available as one-day, weekly and monthly lenses so called exchange lenses.

One-day lenses (disposable lenses) have the advantage that they require no maintenance. After each use a new clean lens can be used. The risk of infection due to contamination of the lens is significantly reduced. One day lenses are ideal if you only wear lenses occasionally or you wish to protect your more permanent lenses for example when on vacation. Also for those with allergic or sensitive eyes daily lenses are increasingly used especially during the pollen season.

For exchange lenses with a weekly, fortnightly or monthly change rhythm (extended wear contact lenses) maintaining a healthy status is easier than with more permanent contact lenses.

If you should lose your exchange lenses they are significantly less expensive to replace than custom made more permanent lenses. A disadvantage of exchange lenses is that they are not individually or custom made and as such can only be used for more common vision defects.

Choosing the right contact lenses depends on the conditions of the eye and also on the environment where they are used (humidity level, dust in the environment, etc.) and also on the duration the lenses are worn (for example, only for sports or for the entire day and/or night).

We examine your eyes fully and advise you with the selection of appropriate lenses including disposable, extended wear, soft and rigid contact lenses. All types of lenses are available from our clinic. If you have ordered your contact lenses from other sources, we can of course take care of them also for you.

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