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Lense Care

Contact lenses require daily care. Lens hygiene is of paramount importance.

Germs, bacteria and fungi, may become deposited on the lenses and may cause corneal inflammation and may even lead to irreversible damage. Particularly with soft lenses bacteria can grow quickly because they have numerous water filled pores as part of their structure. But even with hard lenses secretions of protein and fat form a common so called contact lens biofilm. Dirt particles from the air can also become attached to this biofilm.

Cleaning and disinfection are the most important aspects of lens care. Contact lenses should on no account be cleaned with tap water. Tap water may contain bacteria and microorganisms that may lead to impurities on the lens.

Special cleansing materials should be used. The choice of materials depends on the lens material as well as the composition of the individual’s tear film. If the tear film is composed of more fat it needs a different means of cleansing compared to what is required if a person’s tear film is more aqueous. Inappropriate cleansing materials increase the risk of inflammation.

In general caring for contact lenses consists of five key steps: 

  • cleaning
  • rinsing
  • disinfecting
  • storing & protecting
  • use of eye drops after lens removal

For completeness, it should be mentioned that for so called one day lenses the need for lens care is eliminated, since these must be disposed of after a single wearing.

During the fitting of the contact lenses we will provide detailed information about lens care and recommend appropriate care products and systems. Some systems, for example, provide cleaning and disinfection in one step.

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