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Regular Checks

The need for regular ophthalmologic and optical checks of contact lenses is unfortunately often underestimated. Lens neglect can be dangerous especially for soft contact lenses. The fact that the wearing of contact lenses today is more comfortable, many adverse reactions e.g. from hormone fluctuations that affect the tear film, may go unnoticed without symptoms for a long time.

First sensations of pain are usually already signs of an inflammation of the cornea (keratitis) which requires a visit to the ophthalmologist.

As a result of regular, comprehensive assessments of the eyes by the eye doctor the majority of lens intolerances can be detected at an early stage. For soft contact lenses, checkups are recommended every four to six months and for hard lenses every six months.

If required, we can remind you with a brief written note of any upcoming checkup dates.

Note: The Internet is now a much used channel to obtain contact lenses, even discount stores already offer lenses, especially one day lenses. The ease of obtaining contact lenses from the internet should not cloud the fact that contact lenses are in fact a high quality medical product. The customization of contact lenses should never be attempted on your own and to insure your eyes remain healthy regular eye checkups are highly recommended.

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