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Services: Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention

In our clinic, you have access to the full range of modern ophthalmology including  diagnosis, treatment and prevention. With the aid of our modern technical infrastructure we can quickly clarify visual dysfunctions.

We have our own departments of orthoptics and optics. In orthoptics we diagnose and treat movement disorders of the eye such as strabismus, ocular palsies, nystagmus and binocular vision problems in infants, children and adolescents. In adults, the treatment of asthenopischer symptoms for example resulting from excessive viewing of  computer screens in the workplace .

In the optics department, spectacle lenses and contact lenses are  fitted using direct and close collaboration between the patient, optometrists team and Dr. Zarth. For wearers of  therapeutic contact lenses and sophisticated progressive lenses (multifocal lenses) this is particulary advantageous.

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Video Leistungen

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